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16 Packed Video Lessons including…

Intro Plus 3 Money Savers

This class is all about making more money as a photographer and this lesson is a solid start. There are a few lessons about simple money making and saving strategies, like this lesson, and then, starting with Lesson 4, we deep dive into what it takes to get started with simple video as a still shooter.

Strategies to Stay On the Leading Edge

In this lesson Larry shows you successful "new looks" from the past and where to get the best intel on what's emerging and what customers will want. And even better, Larry will show you where you can learn how to do all the latest effects, and who to follow for inspiration and training.

Rabbit Hole Prevention - Don't Learn More Than You'll Use

With video, there's a LOT of training that tries to be full-blown film school and those lessons will try to teach you what's important to filmmakers. Not what's important to you, a photographer doing simple videos. This lesson is about how to limit what you learn so you don't overwhelm yourself and try to accomplish more than a single person shooter would normally tackle.

Constant Lights & A Couple Mics Make Your Videos "Professional"

You already have the main, expensive things you need, like a DSLR camera, lenses, a tripod, and a lighting skillset. Now you just need a mic or two, and some constant lights. And even that stuff doesn't have to be expensive.

Everybody Needs Makeup

As a guy, it took me a while to realize, there's no way around wearing makeup when you're on camera. Here's what you need to know.

Capturing and Using A-Roll & B-Roll

A-Roll is when the featured person is speaking on camera and B-Roll is the slideshow style footage you show to hide the narrator or to illustrate the talking points. Here's a look at what to shoot, and how you can even use still shots as B-Roll video footage.

Today's Consumers Want Things FAST!

These days old school marketing just doesn't work. Grab some insights from leading edge modern marketers for your business. And there are new markets you may never have considered.

Video Is CRITICAL Even If You're Not Selling It (but you should)

Video is essential to practically every business these days and whether or not you're selling video services, you should AT LEAST have your own promo videos for social media and the web. Then when you get into video, you need to have the right expectations so you know what to do and what is overkill.

Simple Client Videos - You already know more than they do and you have the gear

If you're a working still shooter, you've already been asked if you do video. We all have. And once you say 'yes,' you have the credibility to start shooting and charging for professional video productions. Don't worry that you don't know it all. You DO know more than your clients. And with this lesson and the rest of this class, you'll know all you need, to make a better living with video.

2 Styles of Video You Can Easily Capture & Deliver

With simple business videos, it helps to have a formula. And it helps if that formula is based on a relatively simple, yet powerful message delivery method. In this lesson we'll cover the two main styles and the benefits to each approach.

Shooting Techniques and Wardrobe Stuff

As a still shooter, you'll need to get used to how to frame your video. And you'll want to help your clients look good by knowing what wardrobe things to avoid.

Plus more lessons like:
• Being Great On Camera
• Editing Options
• Video hosting & uploads
• Making MORE MONEY in the real world

2 Hours 46 Minutes of video training!

                                                                                             and MUCH MORE…
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