Making Your Welcome Video - A MiniClass
7 Powerful Video Lessons including…

Getting Going

This is it! The mini-course all about creating your very first website business video. The all important Welcome video. It's critical to start here because it gives you the foundation to do all those other targeted videos. AND the biggest reason is because a welcome video establishes the foundation for people to know, like, and trust you. Get ready to master being on camera in your very own Welcome video…

The Script

The elements you need to include in your script are here. And so are some rules for maximum length and content.

Being On Camera (Being Talent)

It takes most people a long time to figure out how to come across well on camera. But if you have some insider tips, it will give you a HUGE head start!

The Template

There are lots of simple structures people use for Welcome videos on their site and social media. This is a proven, simple template that employs proven strategies to help you structure yours as quickly as possible.

Gear and Setup

You don't have to go crazy spending money to build a pro studio. But you do need to have certain things to make your filming work right. Here's a quick list.


Obviously a 5 minute video can't teach you everything about editing, but it will get you going in the right direction if you have some editing skills (and software). And if you send your video somewhere to have it edited, this will give you insights so you can tell people what you want them to do with your videos.

Summary (& BONUS)

It's time to get going now and this will help you on your way!
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